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M3Z Sleep Spray


M3Z Sleep Spray
Here’s what you and your household can enjoy:

• Fall asleep faster, then sleep better AND longer
• Awaken refreshed
• Enhanced concentration
• Better mood
• Lower stress
• Renewed libido
• Weight-loss support

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Our patented processes capture the unique properties of Zea mays, from the corn family, before the young plant splits from a single leaf into two. The result is a simple, powerful supplement clinically proven to support serotonin balance throughout the body.

Just spray 6-10 times under the tongue — at bedtime, first thing in the morning, or throughout the day — and bring on the balance.

Patent Numbers: 6,667,308; 7,507,731; 7,521,467; 7,521,468; 7,524,877; 7,541,356; 7,794,761